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You may have better luck than me, but I couldn't fit the MAX232 and associated bits into the footprint of even the much larger SS-Serial board. Even double sided the board still has a few vias.

If you can fit it onto a reasonably sized single sided board, I think we'd all love to hear, otherwise, I sell just the bare board for exactly this reason. If you'd like a starting point, the board/schematic are available at the end of the directions.
iDuino - MaxSerial - [url=http://spi


I started doing a version with max232 three weeks ago, based on S3v3 version, but stoped. If you want one, I think I can restart it. In a preliminary view, it will be a little bigger than S3v3 (less than 1cm.).

Hi Adilson,

I am interested in a single sided Severino with Max232. It would be nice to see a different type of Severino. Looking forward to this. :-)


I would like to share to the community my single sided Max232 Arduino clone. This is based on the single sided board done by Adilson. Made it as a learning experience using Eagle. While waiting for Adilson's version, got to thinking why not try to create one. So after a few weeks of tinkering with Eagle finally got it made. Cheers!


purgedsoul: very cool!  Is it working well?  Can you post the Eagle files somewhere (if you haven't already)?


Thanks Mellis! Sorry forgot to attached the Eagle files. but here it is.


The clearance of trace between the leads of C5, C8 (Vin Trace) is very fine, I have to score it since when I did the toner transfer, it somehow merged with the pads of C5. :-( It is also true with DB9 pin 4. I will have to make some modification to this.

Yes, it is working, I have tried uploading sketches to it and it worked fine, also the autoreset worked. I also uploaded the bootloader using the ICSP pins on the board, but have to desolder LED L (on pin 13) first.

I am currently running a sketch on it making it as a thermometer using LM35 with output routed to a 3310 LCD (PCD8544). :-)

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