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Hmm... looks like MAC arduino-0011 distro has a different avr-gcc build.

Yeah, you may have to rebuild your GCC then.


update:  i may have gotten it working!!!

i downloaded and installed the awesome AVR MacPack from here: http://www.obdev.at/products/avrmacpack/index.html

it installs into a directory like: /usr/local/AVRMacPack

i nuked the arduino-0011/hardware/tools/avr folder and copied over the /usr/local/AVRMacPack (renaming it avr, so that it matches the old path setup)

that combined with the updated 'arduino core' files allowed me to successfully compile a blank sketch.  i dont have my prototype board here with me to fully test stuff, but it successfully complied.



Good staff!  :)

I'm glad you got it working and paved the way for other Mac users.  ;)



i managed to get it working!  i wrote a sketch in arduino, uploaded it via a usbtiny programmer, and it works =)  well, sort of.  there are still some things that need doing, and i need to figure out how to burn the fuses to set up the chip properly.  its not using the external oscillator and jtag is enabled (which i think is why the 4 jtag pins arent working)

check the video:




Just spent all day hacking on the atmega644 code.  here is the status:

* got fuses configured correctly, and got all digital i/o pins working correctly with arduino libraries (digitalRead/Write, pinmode, etc.)
* got pwm stuff 100% working
* got serial stuff working
* updated attachinterrupt, needs testing
* updated analogRead, needs testing

we then moved onto the bootloader.  we got it to recompile and uploaded it to the atmega644.  things went okay, until we tried to upload via serial port.  at first, we got this error:

Yikes!  device signature error (and the received signature was #000000)

we managed to fix this by copying the old avrdude and avrdude.conf from the standard arduino-0011-mac.  however, then we started failing with this message:

avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x0000
        0x0c != 0xff
avrdude: verification error; content mismatch

when we run the command that generates this in full verbose mode, it appears all the data is coming back as 0xFF.  this leads me to believe that our read and/or write portion of the bootloader is broken.  unfortunately i dont really understand assembler, and i am obviously lost when it comes to debugging that portion.

you can find all of our latest progress here: http://svn.nycresistor.com/projects/megarduino/code/

it contains our boards.txt with our fuses (could that possibly be wrong?)
it also contains the megarduino core as well as the latest version of our bootloader.

if anyone has any suggestions or is capable of checking/porting the bootloader to the atmega644, we would love your help.  if you send us code, we'll try it out and post back the results.


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