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Hi guys my name is Fawkes and I want to learn the basics of Arduino to programming a line follower. :smiley-roll:
I study in MAUA (An engineering college)  in Brazil, every year has a line follower competition.
If you can post here some pdf's or basic code so I can get started, [font=Verdana]Thank you already....[/font]


Your best bet is to start here at the Arduino Learning pages.

This is very important: DON'T GET STUCK ON THE "BLINK" SKETCH! That is the biggest mistake almost every book, website, video, and class for beginners makes. Using delay() to time things is easy, but it is like using the parking brake to drive your car. You'll never go very fast, and if you try to use it for too long, you'll find it very hard to learn the right way.

So move on, try the other examples, and especially study and get your brain wrapped around Blink Without Delay.

Steve Greenfield AE7HD
Drawing Schematics: tinyurl.com/23mo9pf - tinyurl.com/o97ysyx - https://tinyurl.com/Technote8
Multitasking: forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=223286.0
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