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Does anyone know the manufacturer and part# for the 16 MHz crystal oscillator that comes on the Diecimila?
The number on the part is "S16B00L6", but I can't find a data sheet using that...


I thought it was just a generic crystal. Nothing special.


Unfortunately, there are several types of "generic crystal."  The consequences of using the wrong type are usually small, but detectable, and an actual part number would be a good idea.
(we once ("in the dawn of the internet") shipped some products with a series resonant crystal instead of the correct parallel resonant crystal on an Ethernet controller chip.  It generally worked fine, but a customer was able to detect the out-of-spec state.  Very embarrassing.)


I need the data sheet to verify the operating temperature range... Generally, the crystal is one of the most sensitive parts on a board...  I could assume it's good to 70C (probably not good to 85C), but I rather not assume.


Diecimila uses 22pF capacitors for the crystal, so you need a crystal that matches the capacitance specifications of 22pF.  I don't think the temperature specification is critical, unless you are placing the Diecimila inside a volcano or someplace really hot.

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