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The ITDB02 shield is a LCD + touch + SD CARD expand shield , it compatible with a 2.4"/3.2" 320*240 65K colors LCD module - ITDB02.
Because the Arduino the I/O limited resources, so you just can choose 16bit mode display,8bit with touch or 8bit with SD card, we will build a new version for Mega and then it will be enough resources for all function at the same time.

There is a Arduino library compatible for it : http://code.google.com/p/itdb02
Now the v1.1 library just support Display and Touch function ,the new version will add the SD card function.

TDB02 is a powerful LCD breakout module , it has a 2.4"/3.2" TFT LCD and touch screen , SD card socket.

We will release a library for ITDB02 , the library will include the LCD display function , touch function, and the SD Card read/write function.

Now we have release the first version library for arduino. This version just provide the LCD display functions and touch functions , without SD Card support yet , but we will update the new version to fill with more functions and fix the bugs soon.

We hope everyone who try using this library can give us your suggestion , any advice will be appreciated and help developing the library.

ITDB02(int D8, int D9,int D10, int D11,int D12, int D13,int D14, int D15,int RS, int WR,int CS, int RST)
Enumerating function , define a new class of ITDB02 and assign the pins for the object. Here you can define a LCD [ch146]s pins out - for 8 bit mode.

ITDB02(int D0, int D1,int D2, int D3,int D4, int D5,int D6, int D7,int D8, int D9,int D10, int D11,int D12, int D13,int D14, int D15, int RS, int WR,int CS, int RST)
Enumerating function , define a new class of ITDB02 and assign the pins for the object. Here you can define a LCD 's pins out - for 16 bit mode.

Clean the LCD , plan all the LCD with white color.

void Initial()
Used in setup() loop , for initial screen settings.

Pant(int sx, int sy, int ex, int ey, int col)
Fill a area with one color , using the sx , sy , ex , ey to set the color area , and the col is the color value.

Setcolor(int FC,int BC)
Set the foreground color and background color . It's usually used before show char or string.

Dispshowchar(int x, int y, char val)
Show a char in the specified location.

Dispshowstr(int x,int y, char @st)
Show the string , x, y is the start position .

Drawdot(int x, int y)
Draw a 9 pixes dot in the LCD.

Touchpin(int tclk,int tcs,int tdin,int dout, int irq)
Assign pins for touch controller.

Start SPI.

Read the address from the touch controller register. The address will be put in the TP-X and TP-Y global variables.

Change the TP-X to the coordinate in LCD.

Change the TP-Y to the coordinate in LCD.

Determine whether there is touch interrupt.

[size=9]The library include 3 examples  about display and touch , they are compatible with ITDB02 shield v1.2, you can download the Manual of the shield here.[/size]

More latest information : http://iteadstudio.com


Ahh this touch screen turns up again :P

I looked at the page and first thought that you were selling the whole thing for 6.50 but no joy  ;D

I think this will be useful when I get round to buying one of these displays.

I like your work on the libraries too.



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;) I really have post a topic in the software forum for the code of this screen .

I will go on update the library , the new version will add the SD card function .

BTW, there are some customer who bought the LCD module response that the External Falsh is not useful , so we designed to change the External Falsh (not solder)to a DS1307 RTC (solder)  ;D Then the LCD module should be one more function than now.




A new library with more display functions , by Henning Karlsen.

Funky Diver

Will you be doing a deal with the ITDB02 Arduino Shield v1.2  for it too?

Or at least any updates when it is going to be in stock?  I don't particularly want to buy the LCD if I can't use it :D


Does this shield reduce power and logic levels from 5V to 3.3V?

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