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caught my attention

im right here with you

i get it

were gonna make a fortune
if you get it

i challenge you to design a lightweight multi purpose professional digital video camera that can continue to record as it charges and can stream live video as it films
push it push it
go further

the standard is excellence

wanna sell 1000?

modern business community
contemporary values
lets talk about value
lets talk about truth
challenge the tradition

if one cant be trusted
our doubt is their weakness

cuz were trying to evolve

culture industry fashion business politics
calibrating ways of being
full spectrum experience

iv got the plan
iv got the vision

might be mad
but its a hyper consciousness
processing pure reason

reflect the cosmic pattern

see haven't i engaged you
its about knowing

lets dig it
theyll dig it

try'n to get god into it


be true
be you

but first the dialectic

leader among you
contact me
work with me
were up to something

its less about laid back
more about a hip activity



striving for some communion
not without a synthesis of vision

challenge me
there are no boundaries

rapid coordination


all things considered
at the edge of reason



I'll have what he's having...

...then again - maybe not!

I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


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fairly hesitating you are
and i say yeah you oughtuh be
before accessing me
but there you are to regard
so i do
and i find you blaspheme

i think ill learn to use this website and learn about you all

feeling irritated
cruel and reptilian

ill answer any question


Must be that java programming language I'm hearing about?


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im gonna get some sleep
been up since tuesday morning

this is calculus

articulation and precision

so say it simply in the beginning

no assumptions
no exaggerations

working on pure mechanical logic in business

still in the abstract
searching for partners to proceed to the concrete

'in mathematics, the greatest degree of self evidence is usually not to be found quite at the beginning, but at some later point; here the early deductions, until they reach this point, give reasons rather for believing the premiss because true consequences follow from them'

i have a plan to adjust telecommunications
and facilitate a hi tech subnet
facilitating parallel manufacturing and shipping modern culture saturated community partnerships around the world
advocating a homogenization of business politics scholastics science art culture and fashion in educated jaded irritated conflicted communities operating progressively
prepared for innovation on the edge of radical calibration
of sociological value



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