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hello world.

i have 8 photoresistors and i would like to connect them to an attiny84 so when ever one of them is out of light, i would like it to send to my arduino uno a message that "photoresistor 1" .... "photoresistor 8" is out of light, so i can send it to my serial screen.

the thing is i'v never worked with attiny at all and i don't know even where to begin with.

any one has any idea?


thank you very much for your time


You might want to consider that to do what you want to do you need 8 analog pins or a multiplexer. I don't think any ATTINY chips have 8 analog pins.
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analog pin 0 ..... analog pin 7 !

do i miss something here ?

Tom Carpenter

Yup, the ATTiny84's have 8 Analog Inputs.


ok ! witch pin should i use for output 10, 9 or 8 ?

and ofcourse how should i start the hole programming ?

do i just start to declare the pins ( input output ) ?

void setup {


void loop {


like i would in normal arduino ?

is there something else that i should do as well ?

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