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HI, I created a PCB for a new project using the Arduino mini Pro board, my question is:
should I use header pins to solder the Arduino board on my PCB or I can directly solder toghter (Arduino board straight on top of my PCB) just putting a drop of solder in each hole.

I have an LCD on top with just the distance of female and male headers so the lower I manage to have the Arduino better so it can't toutch for shure the back of LCD.

Here is a photo with a Arduino using header pins:



FWIW, I have used header pins in similar situations when using the Pro Mini.

Can you tell me the source for the "tall" buttons?



It's 17mm tactile switch bought from ebay, search for: "tactile switch 6x6x17" and you will find them.


If there is any possible way you can do it, make the pro mini plug in to the pcb. If it is soldered and anything on it fails in use, you have got big problems.


You could have the mini hanging on the bottom of the PCB. Since you have standoff holes on your PCB, you will be able to prop it up with standoffs to make space for the mini. Like jabber said, you want female headers in case something goes wrong or you simple have a new PCB design.

Here's my design:

This pic is bottom:

This is top:
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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