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I know that perhaps this isn't the right forum, but your guys are the largest community.

I'm trying to make a acceleration data logger, the Seeeduino Stalter seems for me the best fit, it already comes with RTC, battery, and SD card reader all build-in.

I managed to get my arduino uno to work with the GY-52 with no issues.

I'm trying to replicate the same in the Stalker with no luck.

I'm using the example for the MPU-6050 and what I get is:

Initializing I2C devices...
Testing device connections...
MPU6050 connection failed

I have tried 3.3V, 5V, some 10k pull-up resistors on the SDA, SCL lines, but it doesn't want to work.

I have tried the Stalker with another I2C sensor and it works...

Does anyone has some ideas?

Thanks in advance..



I'm still not in that phase..

I'm just trying to get the Stalker to work with the MPU 6050, dumping values to the Serial Monitor.


I have just used a Arduino Due with the GY-52 and it works!!

what could be the problem....????


Hi all,
I have been stuck at a point in my project for quite some time and I am getting pretty irritated because I think there is some small fix that I cannot figure out. I am working with the MPU 6050 breakout board from sparkfun. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11028

and the arduino Due. All I am trying to do is obtain the raw data from the accel and gyro sensors. I eventually will need to connect more sensors as well. I have been just using the simple code from the Arduino website.


Whenever I upload the code I am returned with 6680, 64, 0, 0, 0, 2560 and these values will not change no matter what. I wonder if my connection is off because there is no light that lights up on the sensor as well. I have connected the pins like this:
MPU 6050                DUE
VDD                              3.3V
GND                             GND
INT                                D 2
SCL                                SCL 21
SDA                               SDA
VIO                               3.3V

Any help would be very very appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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