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What are the bents for?


I have a few of these. I don't know what to do with the bents. Are they just visual marks so they're not confused with caps?

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Probably to keep them away from the PCB.

As the current approaches (or exceeds) their cut-off, they will physically expand due to heat breaking the circuit.  By making sure the element is away from the PCB, it won't have a heat-sink effect.
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I think they're a form of retention to keep the part in place while it's being soldered.

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I have caps that look the same, it just allows you to "snap" them into a board

though I could be totally wrong


They put those there to make the part look cooler and mysterious.



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I believe it is what osleg said.Not sure but its common on a lot of through hole parts, so it's not to differentiate it from a cap. There are plenty of caps with these bends in them.


Thanks. I see. Well, in my case I forced it into a couple of holes for a diode. :)

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