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Hello Krupski,

I have tried to connect pin 2 of 16U2 to the pin 34 of 2560 chip by soldering the wire to the two 1M resistors mentioned by you. But, still I am not able to change the fuses =(. I have attached the image to show the connections that I have made. Can you please suggest, if I am doing anything wrong ?


From the data sheet.

This Crystal Oscillator is a low power oscillator, with reduced voltage swing on the XTAL2 out-
put. It gives the lowest power consumption, but is not capable of driving other clock inputs, and
may be more susceptible to noise in noisy environments.

Try pin one?


No success even after connecting to the pin 1 of Mega 16U2 chip. Any other solution friends ?


Do you have another Arduino? You could program one of it's timers to give a useable clock for the Mega.

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