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im searching for the biggest (in terms of programm space) Arduino. The mega with 128k is already nice, but wouldnt the pin compatible ATmega2560 with 256k be sweeter?

Datasheet from the ATmega1280 ATmega2560: http://www.atmel.com/dyn/resources/prod_documents/2549S.pdf

So my question is, can i swap the ATmega1280 with the ATmega2560 (desolder and solder is ok for me) what do i need to change that i can burn the bootloader and that the Ide gives me the option to upload to it?

greets from Austria,


Well, it looks pin-compatible, so the solder/desolder and swap should work electrically.

But you are going to have to do a bit of other work on the bootloader, IDE, fuse settings, and possibly even the standard libraries (?) to get it to work, I would think? I have no clue about this, though.

May I ask what your application is going to be that you need so much program space (that's a lot of space)...?

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for the http://code.google.com/p/multidisplay/ i need as much as possible  ;)

currently we hit the 32k limit with just the functions we have, thats where the idea with the ATmega2560 came up...

As its the biggest ATmega currently i think it should be in a Arduino  8-)

would be a nice thing, like the Duemilanove when it got the 328 :)


Hey, don't grow that multidisplay into an full blown OBD computer!

Speaking of which,   I couldn't help but to notice that I can go and buy and plug in a $70 item into my OBDII port on the car and get most of things you're trying to wire up to the Arduino.

It has buttons and LCD screen, and can scroll through all the reported parameters...


OBD is not what we plan, ECUĀ“s are seeding the data with a maximum of 1hz over OBD, with that you cannot see overboost or knock during shifting and so on...
its measuring everything what the OBD cannot deliver, like a race computer, with features in the making like boost controler and so on.

But back to the thead  :)

Im contacting Seeedstudio how they think about making a Mega with the 2560, and hopefully they will make a small batch  8-)

So far i went trough the data sheet and the fuses look identical, i think the bootloader should also work, just the ide needs a new entry in the list with the different chip.

But would be great to get somebody how realy know what he is doing here  ;D

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