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I'm familiar with the usual vendors and their pluses and minuses related to selection, availability, etc.  But I've not seen any posts which directly compare and contrast shipping fees?

Which vendors have free shipping?
If they have a minimum for free shipping, what is it and what regions?
Which vendors have low shipping fees and/or no minimums?
What vendors have promo codes available to reduce shipping?
Which vendors 'subsidize' their low shipping by raising the parts cost considerably (I don't mind a modest premium, I expect that)



Well since your familiar with the usual vendors then check out there web pages and look at shipping estimator. Often shipping is related to what your purchasing. So it will very based on the overall weight. Some vendors offer flat rate shipping. Since the USPS started offering flat rate shipping boxes companies are starting to offer those more and more. Often the free shipping is a limited time offer or you have to buy over $100 worth. Every site is different and shipping cost tend to change regularly. With many sites the sipping cost is where they get a good portion of the profits.


Which vendors have low shipping fees and/or no minimums?

Digikey.  Their cheapest shipping (First Class Mail) is only a couple of bucks (for low-weight and size things), and it gets to North Carolina in about 3 days (just as fast as Priority Mail).

There is also no minimum, and I commonly only order 5-10 dollars worth of stuff at a time, because the shipping is so low and it's not a big deal to have to make another order.


Don't forget Futurlec.  Very low shipping, but it comes from Thailand, so it takes a while.

# For orders up to US$29, Delivery Charge - US$4.00.
# For orders US$30 to US$49, Delivery Charge - US$6.00
# For order US$50 to US$99, Delivery Charge - US$9.00
# For order US$100 and above, Delivery Charge - US$14.00

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