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When you send the command AT+KTCPSND=1,14, be sure that your that your module is upgraded because it's not, you must to start your message for 'A' character. Anyway, if you are using hiperterminal or similar, you can't see what are you sending, but this doesn't mean that you are sending nothing. The only way to check that the info is sending correctly, is having access to the server and listen in the socket.

Another recomendation: If you want to avoid problems with the EOF pattern, is recommended to change it to a only one character, for example with: AT+KPATTERN="#".

And now, my question: Anyone knows where I can find the famous firmware 5.05 for the module?? The links in this forum are broken. I need to make a TCP connection whitout sending the 'A' character in the first place... help please!

thank you!!


thanks for your answer. I have the new firmware in the module. I found it googling. I have it at home, I will send you it on friday if you want. I only need your email so get it to me by pm.



Sorry that the links to the software is broken.
I can see that the links is not valid anymore, but I can't remember deleting the files at the server so dunno why :(

I will try fix this later.


hi everyone!

I have another question for you. I'm having many problems with the power supply. It's posible to use a external 9 V power supply to powering Arduino, GPRS and GPS module?? how I must connec it?

In this moment, I only can make it works with 12 V. And this voltage is excessive for a wireless device. what can I do? Thanks


hello, i only used the GPRS, if you look the schematics and the datasheet of the regulator, you can see that the maximun tension is 30 (i think, i dont remember exactly), so you can put 12, but the circuit will continue on 3.3.

As i told you, i dont know about the gps or the arduino, but, in gprs, you can power it changing the jumper, or directly in the same pins.

I hope it will helps you.


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