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I am working on a "do it yourself" project.I need to transmit a mono audio signal from point A to point B.
Does anyone know of a inexpensive Bluetooth board to do this. I am not incorporating a computer.

Thank you


Does it have to be Bluetooth? There are many cheap audio and video transmitters available.


I guess it doesn't have to be but I would prefer Bluetooth. The prototype I have built now is VHF around 170mz. but this device I'm building is multi channel. I have 10 independent audio channels so I thought Bluetooth would be best for that.


I don't know how far along you are, but this is a device using a hacked laser pointer: laser transceiver :


The writer describes it as ridiculously easy to build and cheap, too.


I'm also interested in any information regarding an Arduino BT Transmitter/Receiver. I'm trying to find a way to replace headset cables in an aircraft. There are a number of BT headsets that could be adapted, but I need to interface them to a conventional aircraft audio system.

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