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Hi! I don't know if this is the right place to post this kind of 3D. I'm working on a long  sketch and in the next version of arduino Ide i'd like too see some user interface improvments like:

a sort of "comprime/expand" function to hide or show the methods ( maybe called functions in C++) to make the code reading more easy (like in eclipse) and a kinda of label system where you put a label in a specific raw and with an explorer window move throght they to make faster the movement on the sketch (maybe also with a command "next label").

I know that the entire Arduino system is "free to play" but i think that these are little things that create a big advantage for the community.

Thx for reading

[I can't hold my self to make this kind of 3D in every forum i has been  :P]


At the right hand side of the IDE there is TAB button.
You can break your sketch into tabs. I generally have 5 or 6 for a big sketch:
file name tab, put notes here
a_presetup, #includes, #defines, pin definition, arrays, variable declarations
b_setup, pinModes, Serial.begin, SPI.begin, Wire.begin, etc.
e_even_more_loop if needed
f_functions if have them
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