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For my project I need to automatically read files from another computer via its server. Like this psuedocode :-

log in in ftp
go to url
if new files
 read files
 write files to local
sleep 30 mins
run check()

I have full access on both windows machines and simply want to fetch any new created files from a security camera and record them at home . If possible I would like to have the security machine perhaps notify the home machine that a new file has been written but I don't know how to attack this? Can u help?

if new file saved
sleep 1 min
run checknew()

establish ftp
go to file address
transfer file


Can u help?

Best not use and Arduino for that task, use on the target system a program like wget or some other ftp client which supports automatic retrieving.


James C4S


Save your photos to your dropbox directly.  Any computer (PC or Mac) you install dropbox on will automatically synchronize the files.  Additionally the client will give toaster pop-ups when files are added.

And it is Free.
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And it is Free.

I learned from my dad that free often means you don't pay in money but in some other way and the money is paid by someone else... :)
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