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Quick Question: if I have a switch to turn on the device hooked to a voltage regulator, will that switch 'turn off' the regulator, or will it continue to function and waste small amounts of energy?

Thanks in advance :)


The regulator will consume some power whether or not there is a load connected.  The exact amount is strongly dependent on the type of regulator; look in the spec sheets for "Quiescent current."   A simple 7805 consumes several mA, while some of the newer LDO regulators get down to very low values...



Quiescent current is the operation current even when there's no load. Shutdown current the current consumed when the switch off control is applied. Some regulator can have uA range of quiescent current (usually switch mode based) and some have nA range for shutdown current.


A 7805 won't consume anything if the switch is upstream of it ;)


Looking forward to the time when you will get a switcher with fixed output voltage and no external components rly cheap :'(

They already exist, but they cost like 5?+ :(

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