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Hi All!

I've ordered a few small Ardweenys to put together and possibly sell, but i'm curious if anyone is interested in buying the kit i plan to put together, which would include:

1x Ardweeny
1x Tiny Breadboard (set up with a voltage regulator already connected to the ardweeny)
Some test jumper cables
Some LEDs (w/ resistors included) to play around with
Guide on how to upload to it without a breakout

I really like these small One-Chip setups, but they're a little fiddly to put together, hence why i'm looking into selling them as prefab with a few little extras to add value- take the "fun" part out of making them. Any ideas or suggestions?


Seems this is getting some views but no responses! I'll provide some further detail:

I've been looking at how to increase the value a little. For starters, I added an LM7805 to the power input to regulate at 5v. I've also looked into adding a barrel connector so you can just plug them in without any worries. They're rather breadboard-prototypeish arduinos but i've used them in space constrained applications like a digital dash readout. I'm just curious if people are actually interested in these little kits and what they want out of them. I plan to make my own arduino variant at some point around the One-Chip design, but really need to know what's missing in the current ones. Also, what would be a good price point to sell these modded ardweenys i made? the kits are 10.00 USD but there's a lot of small work that some people hate doing. I was thinking around 20-25 but not sure what others are willing to pay.

Any suggestions?


Your variants sound like the $12.50 RBBB  variants.
$20-25 is than higher than variants such as the prominis.
Tough market to get into.
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