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Connectors have been the usual problem.  If you're willing to do 1.27mm connectors on four sides, you can get a lot smaller.
But it will also be a lot harder to use.  How about offset 2.54mm connectors on top and bottom?  Either set could still plug into a breadboard.

Fabio Varesano

Hi westfw, thanks for your suggestion.

I actually thought about that as a possibility.. It could work, I should do some designs as tests to check for it's feasibility..

Anyway, I don't think that breadboard compatibility is actually important as I imagine this board to be used in very specific applications. Eg, It could be a good thing to have for people already having PCB designing experience and they could just as a building block in size constrained applications when they would need to add Arduino intelligence to their designs..


I think that's a cool idea. I've been thinking about a shield for high altitude balloon/rocket tracking, and having a much smaller Arduino available would be cool for some variants.


I think this SIP version is pretty cool. I am going to try this and the ardweeny when I finish my supply or promini's.
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