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Hi, i want to control my RC car with arduino, so I need to control motor's speed and direction. Because motor draws about 10 Amps, I cannot use H-Bridge. Is there any easy way to do this?


H-bridges made of discrete components can handle a lot of current.

Your RC car should have an H-bridge in it already.  Cannibalize that.


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H-bridges at that current level are available, just a little pricey and possible larger then will fit in your car. If you don't need reverse for the car then speed control can be simple and inexpensive using a logic level mosfet transistor of suitable voltage and current rating and driving it with a arduino pwm output pin. It's not known to us how your car presently controls it's motor speed and if it could be modified for Arduino control or not.



Even if you do need reverse, its just three more FETs to get an H-bridge.  10-20A FETs can be found for 0.50-1.00$


10A+ DPDT relays will reverse direction (occasionally and not quickly; probably fine for fwd/reverse.)  It's probably a toss-up whether that would work out cheaper than a "real" H-bridge...

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