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I want to build an sanguino, but I just realized I (but I'm not shure) don't have any 22pF capacitors. I have some with the codes:
330 (33pF?)
180 (18pF?)
22 (200pF?)

As you may see I'm not 100% sure if i have the right codes. But if I have the right codes these are the capacitors I have witch are nearest 22pF.



For most crystals out there, anything between 18pf and 33pf will get them to resonate (generally, the closer to the crystal's design spec, if you know it, the better, though).
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i don't have a datasheet, but the crystals product name is "Crystal 16.000 MHz HC49/S 30pF"

what sounds like I need a 30pF capacitor, so the 33pF (330) would be the best choice? Or do I get anything wrong?



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You may get it to resonate even without capacitors (I tried it many times and it worked). I am not saying this is a good practice; it may give you some play time until you get the right capacitors.


JanD, just feeling my math today.
Take one 33 and 3 200, put them all in series, the result is 22.1pF.  ;)
Just in case you want to be kind of exact.

33 200 200 200

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