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I am developing a sort of a data logger, using SD card and some other stuff attached and I have a bit of a problem... I am running out of RAM so I am looking to upgrade my 168' chip.
The problem is I can't find it anywhere (for a normal price - Mouser electronics has it, but they want to charge 40? for delivery), so will appreciate any usefull hint, where to get an AtMega328, TQFP casing :)




Hi Peter,

don't know the prices but found these two shops in slovenia.

- http://www.tehnologija.biz/shop/
- http://www.smakrobot.si/elektronika-arduino-mikrokrmilnik/

- http://www.watterott.com/en/Boards-Kits/Arduino
 ( versandkosten 10.euro in EU )

hopes this helpes
Rob Tillaart

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Mouser has free fedex delivery, if you order for more than 70 or 75? !!


@MadWorm: to Slovenia the limit for free shipping is 150?, a bit too much for me right now (no idea what useful to buy for that money :) ).

Thanks, but none of the Slovenian shops sell the Atmega328 microprocessor (only assembled Arduino boards).

Found it in the german shop, but is out of stock...



I have about 30 piece so ATMega328P-AU, if you want to buy a piece for me it's okay. But shipping from my place to yours using normal registered air mail cost about ~USD10.  :(

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