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I literally had to check the wiring 10 times before I got it to work properly. But after that it worked well with a blank atmega168 and a stand-alone FT232.

@Cynar: what's your setup ?


I renewed web page of "burning the bootloader...".
The CUI-operation on command-prompt of Windows changed to the easy GUI-operation.

New: GUI-Operation.

Old: CUI-Operation.




Does anybody know if is possible to use this procedure to burn the sketches in the microntroller? Because in this way we can avoid the delay of the bootloader in the final application.



This is indeed possible.

Just burn the correct .hex :)



Thank you and and "Mr.Yuki who developed GUI-wrapper of avrdude.exe." for this GUI wrapper. I have a USBtinyISB programmer and was able to get this wrapper program to work fine with it.

Finally a GUI AVRDUDE interface for us command line challenged types  ;) Highly recommended.



is it possible to burn ATtiny's? with this? i need an AVR-programmer to do so, but with this, i won't need one i think, can someone confirm this?

Thanks, Wouternet.
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These projects made a way to Bitbang AVR writer on Linux and Mac.
On Linux: http://suz-avr.sblo.jp/article/27131001.html (written in Japanese) Suz is author of avrdude-serjtag.
On Mac: http://www15.atwiki.jp/arduino/pages/23.html (written in Japanese)
Please read those pages by web translator (google etc.).
Reply for #35
This method can do it. I confirmed it at ATtiny2313.


"FTDI Bitbang method" (Burn the bootloader without extarnal AVR writer) could run with the Arduino-IDE on Windows-XP.
Please try to this and check.


Thank you kimio.


I did the same for Windows and Mac OS X some weeks ago. Look in the LumiNet thread to see some reactions on this idea if you wish.


Can't you just create an appropriate avrdude programmer description, and skip the wrapper business?  Once it's verified to work, submit it back to the avrdude developers, get it integrated into the next release, and the whole world benefits.  Plus, no arduino IDE hacking is needed.



Hi bohne.
You already made this !
I want to try your method. But, I can't find it in http://www.luminet.cc.
Would you tell me detailed url?

Hi kg4wsv.
I think so too. I hope this Bitbang integrate into the arduino IDE.
But, I don't have skills of programming to make a Bitbang avrdude-writer for arduino IDE.


I will release the IDE soon, please be patient for a few days.
I did the same as you did I guess. I compiled a special version of avrdude and modified the Java files of the IDE and recompiled it.
I did this for Windows and Mac OS X, but because the Mac FTDI drivers are bad there are some limitations.



I think so too. I hope this Bitbang integrate into the arduino IDE.
But, I don't have skills of programming to make a Bitbang avrdude-writer for arduino IDE.

I don't think I was very clear.  Let me try again.

First off, a disclaimer: I could be wrong.

avrdude uses a configuration file that describes the programmer.  Included are some programmers that use bit-bang serial connections (e.g. the ponyprog serial).

I think that an appropriate description of the bit-banged connections placed in avrdude.conf could allow avrdude to work directly, without the need for a wrapper program.  This has added benefits, such as the ability to work with non-windows OSes, and a silution that could be submitted for inclusion in the avrdude distribution, or failing that the arduino distribution.



There is a feature request in the bugzilla system of avrdude that asks for FTDI Bit Bang support. And some patches for it exist. But I guess two avrdude releases were published and there is still not FTDI BitBang support yet. So at the moment we must supply our own avrdude version along with the official one. Of course it would be great if the official avrdude release would support this Bit Bang programming mode.

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