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I'm looking for interested beta testers for the new Amani GT CPLD Shield, compatible with the Arduino.  Learn how easy programmable logic is to use while adding a new dimension to your Arduino projects.

Testing may range from simply dropping in open-IP available on my website to the beta tester developing their own embedded application and sharing the results.


Testers may sign-up by messaging me here or contacting me via the email address available on my site.



J.C. Woltz

Looks Cool! I want one, but dont have a project to use one on


No problem, you can try some of the projects on my site...


just went to your website
that twitter window is VERY annoying
how do you get rid of it so you actually see what's underneath?!?
there are only 10 types of people
them that understands binary
and them that doesn't


This seems pretty cool. Your site is well done, and the tutorials seem easy to follow. Also, I like the fact that the system is available under Linux, so that keeps the door open to me.

I went through your blink tutorial - it was very easy to understand. I have a few ideas on how I could potentially use a CPLD in my current project, but since I am not at the point of needing it, I don't think it would be fair to ask to participate; other beta-testers should have the chance.

I will keep your system in mind for the future - what are you looking at as far as a price when you do sell the shield? Will you be selling it with the headers optional (so for those who don't want to use it as a shield can still incorporate it into their projects)?
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