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I wanted to make a circuit on a PCB, in which the Arduino (Atmega328) performs some functions (involving ADC & LCD).
The atmega is programed in the Arduino board itself and then transferred to the PCB.

Referring this  http://itp.nyu.edu/physcomp/Tutorials/ArduinoBreadboard  I built the circuit but my LCD is not working, I checked the connections and the coding (using the LCD Lib - 4 bit) and everything seems fine.

What could be wrong? The LCD works with the same connections and code on arduino board. Should I add some capacitors or is it something else?

Also in order to use the ADC, I should connect AVCC pin thru a Low Pass Filter...any suggestions for it, I have plenty of capacitors and some inductors too...


There's any number of possibilities that could be wrong. Post an image of *your* schematic, some picture(s) of your PCB (top and bottom), plus your code. It will help us to diagnose the problem better.
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Maybe the Atmega328 is not even working but we never know if you don't provide some hi-res pictures and schematics.
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