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I could think of a good few uses for it, but it would need to be hooked up to something with a bit more go than an Atmega.  Something like this could do it justice :


32 bit ARM processor and half a gig of RAM ;)

Alexander Kevin

It already has the function of storing image data to SD/TF card which is connected to it. :)
I'm looking forward to the new version of this module
and I'm looking for the same kind of module to use with my
robot, which compatible with my arduino.
How to achieve that put the picture into the storage
of arduino small space?

expect your reply.Thanks


Alexander Kevin

Well, soon i will upload a piece of video demo in Youtube. It will tell that it is true.
Make impossibility possible. That's the art of technology. ;)
I'm wondering how you are going to make any headway into a VGA camera's image which is about 1MB native and about 20-30k as a jpeg with an 8 bit processor with 2kB of ram.  The arduino will probably take 10 minutes to establish if a frame has any blue in it......

It's pretty obvious that many people here have a very limited perception of how seriously low powered an Atmega microcontroller actually is.  

Hint : your computer has a million times more memory and storage than a Duemilanove. (literally)

Alexander Kevin

[size=14][size=16]Here you can see the video demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcQdJMSPJIU[/size][/size] :)



Here you can see the video demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcQdJMSPJIU  

I never had any doubts that it could display the camera picture on the screen, but how exactly does this involve an Arduino ?

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