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@yankee: sorry for highjacking this thread. have you got my pm? i have some questions regarding BOB c10 easydriver and emc2. i would be glad if you could contact me. thank you.


so it doesn't have to do anything with the programming of the controller?

and far as i know, BLDC comes with 3 wires, two of which are positive, and remaining one is for ground..., if we change any of the wire, the motor may get burned... Undecided

As already said, its a three phase motor, all the three wires can be positive, ground or back-EMF sensing wires, it just depends in which phase the motor is at a given moment, just swap any two of then, believe me.


@ yankee
we'll be using atmega2560...! any help will be appreciated! :)

@ senso
hmm... ok! i'll update you soon regarding this, thanks anyways :)


There is an excellent tutorial on how to control BLDC motors at;

The short answer is you can change direction with code or by swapping ant two wires as noted elsewhere in this thread.

Peter B.


thanks peter for the link... its really useful! :)

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