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what do you sell in the vending machine...

I plan to prototype and eventually produce a vending machine that dispenses bakery products.


I need to read more carefully ...  (Thanks lefty)
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Thanks...But I intend to accept credit/debit cards only no coins.

You have a lot of peripherals "ready to use" (I mean, card readers, coin identifying and managing, . . .)

If you plan to desing everything, then step by step: start making a block diagram.


Good idea, but... What about the rest of the project. The vending machine is not only electronics, but I imagine that you will have a lot of mechanical and/or temperature problems to solve, don't you? But any way, I like the idea.


well and how are you going to read credit debit cards and connect your vending machine to the bank? I believe all electronic work on 1 side and this banking side at the other hand! laws and regulations and connectivity..all that?

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