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Why reinvent an already available wheel? There are so many other worthy projects waiting out there!!

I can list them:

  • Mine is faster and can do more. (ATmega168 vs PIC with 4k flash)
  • Mine is completely open, both hardware and software. The 117 is code protected and no source is provided.
  • Mine has four different interfaces (SPI, I2C, TTL Serial and RS232) compared to only TTL Serial on the 117.
  • Mine is cheaper. $10 for premade and $8 for a kit (SMD components however).
  • Mine is significantly smaller. Under a third of the size of the ModernDevice board.
  • And probably a few other reasons I've forgotten. :)

I actually wanted to buy a serial LCD controller but I couldnt find any which were half decent.
They were all closed source and only had TTL Serial and maybe RS232 interfaces.

Also I have a source which sells LCD panels at $7.90 for 16x2 with backlight in single quantities or $5.90 in bulk.
$12 can buy two. ;)

[EDIT] Oh and if these LCD controllers are popular then I will be going on to tackle things like graphical LCDs and other trickier hardware. [/EDIT]

I'm convinced. I'm currently enjoying my relationship with I2C so I'm keen to see what else I can add to the chain.

So, for 2 units ($20) including 2 16x2 LCD panel's ($12), it's $32 + shipping. Sounds a bit light.

When will they be available off-the-shelf?


Just a question: You do not provide a ground signal to your SPI, SER and I2C connectors. I would have expected these to have a ground since they are not differential. Am I missing something?

Told you Cheats...
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Told you Cheats...

Why cant the SPI use the same GND as the power? :-?
There is a GND pin right next to VCC.


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Oh they can, that's not the issue. Afaik, the issue is that it's not clear to the user that these lines must be tied together; especially since gnd is already filled.

EDIT: Funny enough, someone just posted this :P
As a rule of thumb, you always need to connect the ground between two devices which talk to each other.

"Pilots believe in a clean living... they never drink wisky from a dirty glass."


Nick, I'm definitely interested in your OpenLCD project.   I started playing around with a 16x2 display last night, starting with the 8 bit interface and then going to 4, and then this morning I was thinking that it should be simple (and cheap) to delegate control to another Arduino chip.  Lo and behold, I stumble upon this thread!  ;D  So, please keep us posted on your progress!  I'd love to see some code in the SF SVN repository... (hint, hint! ;))

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