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Hi To All
Can somebody help me to identify the parts list

thanks for looking


Wow, is this the flux capacitor?  :D What does it do (apparently time travel) and which part did your future self/the jerk tell you about?  ;D


I hope you understand that the ATtiny85 is a microprocesser - like what's in Arduino (only "tiny" :)). So even if you build this circuit, without the code that is loaded in the ATtiny85, your flux capacitor will not flux or capacitate. (i.e. it won't work)
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Well since no one else seems to be providing a useful answer

8x LEDs
1x 4.7u Capacitor
1x 0.1u Capacitor
2x 1N4148W (Small Fast Switching Diode)
1x Resistor (100 ohm)
2x resistor (220K)
3x resistor (33 Ohm)
1x resistor (1K)
1x resistor (3.3K)
1x resistor (10 Ohm)
2x IRF7509 (Dual Power Mosfet)
1x TLV 117
1x ATTINY85-20S

I am unsure what the part at SV1 is but I hope I have helped you with most of the parts


SV1 is a 3-pin header.

I didn't respond because I thought all the components have their values written on the schematic so what is there to say.

Unless Marcio wants to know the physical packaging, resistor watt rating etc. That info can mostly be gleaned from the PCB pic, for example the 85 is obviously a SIOC8 pack, but I haven't got the time to research all the other devices on his behalf, sorry  :)


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