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we have a project about 4 Leds react when tilt exceeds a value. Example the led in XYZ axis. How to start the code and the schematic diagram. Thanks


Which accelerometer?

we have a project about 4 Leds react

About 4? Not 3? Not 5? would 4.3 be close enough?

How should the LEDs react? Does exploding in anger count? Cowering in the corner?

Example the led in XYZ axis.

Most accelerometers do not have an XYZ axis. They have an X axis, a Y axis, and a Z axis. Which accelerometer do you have that has an XYZ axis? What are the other axes?

How to start the code

I shouldn't, but I will:
Code: [Select]
// include files go here

// global values go here

void setup()
  // stuff that happens once goes here

void loop()
  // stuff that happens over and over goes here

and the schematic diagram.



Sir, our accelerometer will be used is ADXL330 and 4 LEDS. sorry i made wrong about xyz axis. Our project will illuminate an LED in whatever direction the Arduino or the prototype tiling. To simply put, 4 leds react when tilted. Example, when tilt in y axis the LED is on, when tilt in x axis the LED is on, when tilt to xy axis which is z the LED is on. Thanks



Nope. I make a research about these and i don't see the code and schematic. Can you help us making the code and schematic? Our project familiar like these. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz_uV-vncNA

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