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Hello. I'm currently working in a project involving op amps as followers between 0 an 5 volts. Those op amps will be sampled at arduino's analog inputs.

If I power them between 0 and 5 volts they will not work because they are not able to follow levels less than 1.8 volts.  So I`m thinking to power them between 0 and 9 volts and use 5 volts signal as reference level (shift 0-5-9 to -5,0,5). Then in Arduino input I would see levels movin arround 5 and 9 volts.

The question is if analog ref could help me to downshift the signal an amount of 5 volt.


I have seen in Atmega's datasheet that analog pin has another purpose.
However I fixed up the problem using another model of op amp.

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