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I have some issues with the open logger. It creates a file every time I connect it to my Arduino Micro. However, it writes nothing in it. Besides, I noticed the blue LED open logger will only blink once when I connect it to the Arduino. All these happen suddenly which frustrated me a lot.  :~ =( =(  :(.  Before that, the open logger was running just fine!

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can point out some potential mistakes that I might make.

Thank you very much!!!


max number of files reached?
how many are on the disk?
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None actually. I empty the Sd card. And, the blue LED light that signals receive does not light at all, even I try to write something as simple as "123" to the SD card. Is it possible that I burned my SD card?


I solved the problem. Apparently, I forget to use Serial1 port when write data into the Sd Card.

Thanks anyway!  :) :)

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