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Hi, currently i have just put my wires into the pins holders that come with the board, but they always fall out.

i wish to make my project wearable - so i must find a way to fasten the wires so they stay stuck in the holders and dont come loose?

does anyway know a good way to do this?

you can see in this photo how i have my wires in the holders:

Please help - i need a way to keep these wires stuck in there, and not come loose even when moved around! what should i use?


If you really want things to stay in place you might want to try soldering!

The easy fix would be to use an electric glue gun. You can probably find one at a hardware store, they're usually really cheap. The good thing about that kind of glue is that it builds up, and it's electrically insulating.


i wouldn't recommend hot glue for that. you might want to change the wiring later... if the glue gets into the sockets it also might isolate the socket from your wire.

the sockets used on arduino are standardized. you can get primitive "plug-rows" from a local electronics dealer.

something like that:

they stick quite firmly in the sockets. just solder your wires to the end.



thats what i use, they're pretty sturdy, but then i dunno how they would hold up to being inside an item of clothing.

i'd solder them in to be honest, on the other side.

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