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Hi all,

I am making a wearable electronics project. it consists of an Arduino microcontroller, Bluesmirf module, Electroluminescent strips and IFW 3306BL Electroluminescent inverter. [for those that dont know electroluminescent strips are flat panels which glow when voltage applied - like flat LED]

right now this setup requires 2 to 3 X 9V batteries connected in parallel (which are quite bulky and heavy) [i use 3 batterys because they allow for more brighter electroluminescent strips]. The 3 9v batteries deliver sufficient power to the system and it runs well

I am looking for a battery which will offer similar amount of power, but is both smaller and rechargable. i have been told lithium mobile batteries are good but i dont know which one to use. i am looking for something small and lightweight because it is a wearable project. rechagable is also good to save costs.

Thankyou guys! :)

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