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Hello all,

I want to use HC-05 in my project ,my project use andriod application to receive data from the Arduino using the bluetooth module HC-05 ,before trying HC-05 with my project , I wanted to test it with this simple project :
My Andriod phone is paired and connected well to the HC-05 ,but when I send 1 or 0 the LED doesn't turn off/on as expected!
I don't know why is this ,can you please help me :( .


I'm not sure anyone is going to be able to help you unless you can isolate the problem

ie it could be anything.
Incorrect wiring
broken bluetooth module
The original sketch having a fault
You not setting the correct Arduino  board type when you programmed it.

e.g back to first principals, if you upload the Blink example, does it flash the led  etc etc
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The wiring is correct
the Bluetooth module is fine , I just bought it a week ago
The Arduino board is set correctly ,and the sketch is also uploaded without any problem

I don't know what is the reason for this problem , that the data are not sent, HC-05 is connected to my andriod device though.


You might find the following background notes useful


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