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Author Topic: Analog RGB LED Strip 12v using 2n2222 transistor and ATtiny85?  (Read 2849 times)
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Ive built a circuit where I can control an 5mm RGB LED using the attiny85. I have a 12V power source going through a voltage regulator to power the chip and led. But I now want to add a 12v analog led strip in parallel. I have 3x 220ohm resistors regulating the 5mm led. can i use those in conduction with the transistors- tapping into the 12v power source.

can anyone show me how to incorporate the transistors and the led strip into my circuit? maybe a quick diagram?
I've added a few pictures. I can change the color using a phototransistor (as a switch) i got from a mini rc helicopter.


* photo 1.JPG (893.63 KB, 1632x1224 - viewed 44 times.)

* photo 2.JPG (851.36 KB, 1632x1224 - viewed 37 times.)

* photo 3.JPG (847.49 KB, 1632x1224 - viewed 43 times.)

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