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Been away a while, is the UNO Still the most popular Arduino ?

How are they 32 bit models holding up, are they fragile, discouraging or are they working out well ?

Duane B
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I design 328Ps and 1284Ps into a lot of projects, some 2560s.
None of the 32 bit stuff, I see those as more for big software tasks.
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Welcome back, long time no see!

for me it 99% UNO, bigger ones are mostly for testing libraries. Recently a project where I needed the RAM of a 2560. But for me it is always a challenge to cram it into as little space and as fast as possible ;)

Still in the RC  (IIRC)?
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Hey, welcome back! The ATmega328P still rules at my place but with a good smattering of ATtinies mixed in. Trying to break into ARM but time and the learning curve aren't helping. A group from the forum recently updated maniacbug's mighty-1284p core, check it out. I designed a small breadboard-friendly 1284P board with the TQFP chip, and there's a new 1284P board on the scene called Sleeping Beauty.



Been away a while, is the UNO Still the most popular Arduino ?

How are they 32 bit models holding up, are they fragile, discouraging or are they working out well ?

Duane B

I don't think the Due has yet reached the critical mass of mentors, contributors, and owners yet to really make it a popular product yet. Perhaps the new 32 bit Zero board announced recently will do better? I think the 32 bit boards being 3.3vdc I/O only and of less pin current maximums is also a road block in my opinion.


If your thinking 32 bit then have a look at Teensy3.1. I just started messing with one yesterday and am very happy so far. The device is 3.3V but all the digital pins are 5V tolerant so will make life easier with 5V sensors.
At 72MHz using digitalWrite to change pin states takes 400ns and analogRead takes about 6.8us. I'm porting some ILX511 code from MEGA at the moment and the code is now less complex as I don't need to hit the hardware to maintain speed and without tweeking it is already over 2x faster.

The main bugbear for me sofar is it's so small and the pin names are on the bottom so unreadable when inserted into breadboard and it's difficult to pry out of the breadboard after use.
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Almost everything basic can be checked and run on an UNO though the Leo (and Teensies) do USB tricks as well.
You can count on getting the most help on a sketch/project that uses an UNO and little else.


...on sale, in purple...

Got one. It came with a nice big layout card, OSH Park sticker and no USB cable. It needs a USB micro-B plug.
Other than that... wow, incredible, even has an ADC and of course a pin 13 led.
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I've found these have been selling fairly steadily as an adjunct for the Teensy 3.x:


They work perfectly well with Teensy 3.0, but with Teensy 3.1's 5V tolerant digital IO pins, I think a shield adapter like this is particulary well-motivated.

I'd prefer to see a USB mini rather than micro socket on the Teensy 3 as well, but oh well, nothing's perfect. (WIth the Teensy 3.1 it is a near-run thing, however.)
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