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So I've got a few AVRmega168 in DIP packaging to easily make my own circuits w/out having to solder surface mount things. Is there any way I can use the ICSP programmer interface to upload programs created using the Arduino enviroment?


sorry, I am confused as to what you want to do here... can you be more specific?

You have dip Atmega8's and would like to use the ICSP interface to.... ??


How would I go about programming an ATmega168 with the Arduino bootloader using the ICSP interface?


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ah ok -- you want to burn the Arduino bootloader onto the Amtega8 through the 6 pin ICSP?

Atmel makes two commonly available programmers: the  STK500, a sort of development board, and the smaller AVR-ISP programmer.

A cheaper option is to build the parallel port programmer described on this page.

It's all covered here, on the bootloader page.  


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If you have an Arduino board you can use it as an ISP programmer for other boards or just the ATMega168 processors.


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