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My problem is a bit strange. I recieved arduino with an ATMega168-20Pu and 2 unprogramed 168's. I burned the bootloader (ATboot_168.hex from http://wolfpaulus.com/journal/embedded/arduino2.html) like it is discribed on this page. The original one can be programed without reloading the bootloadre as meny time as you want, but with the other ones i have to burn the bootloader every time y want to program them with arduino software. the fuses i used are fuse_h=0xDF fuse_l=0xC7 fuse_e=0xF8.
Something i noticed is that when i program the blinking_led example, on the original chip, after power on, it takes nearly 4-5sec before que led starts blinking. with the other ones, the led starts blinking imediately


Did you set the lock bits after you burned the bootloader?

This keeps anything from overwriting the bootloader.



yes, i set the lock fuses at first to 3F to write the bottloader and then i set them to CF again to protect the bootloader.


I seem to be having the exactly the same problem, did you find a solution?




A new version of avrdude (5.4) came out a few days ago.  You might try that one (if you haven't already); I think they've fixed some things related to the 168 lately.

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