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PS: it is stocked somewhere in Europe, as the price at this place is in Euro's, five of them...

Flat Stanley

Well, its been about 3 weeks since my last post on this thread and by now I should have got a working L297/8 circuit. However, the reality of live, with a job and a family, has meant no electronics fun for 3 weeks and zero progress.

However, I have managed to buy the ICs and now I have a little time i've met my first problem  >>>  the L298 doesn't fit onto a breadboard. Looking on the data sheet, it is described as a 15 lead Multiwatt package.

Is there an easy way to fit this IC to the b/b?? Or do I need to go some other way??

Thanks as always / Jonathan
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Is there an easy way to fit this IC to the b/b??
You are best to skip the breadboard and go straight to a hard-wired version, since there is a lot of power and noise floating around, and the chip has to be heatsinked in any case.

On a perf-board, put pins 1,3,5,7... in one row, and then put pins 2,4,6,8... in the row behind it. A little tricky, but it works. Some pin-bending required.  

Once things slow down on my end I will design a stepper driver PCB for it that fits on the Arduino... unless someone else wants to in the meantime? I have the working design with schematics.



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Hi: this one is a miser solution, but works: I've used an IDE wire (cut it and use each extreme to connect to each file of pins) to put one L298 and one 7805 into a CPU heat sink+fan cooler. It hasn't heatsink grease or mica (I think it's bad).

Thanks for this great post (please, post the schemas ;)!!). Btw. someone could explain how connect the L297 to a darlington for unipolars (or two L297 plus one ULN28003)??



Flat Stanley

There is a schematic for using the L297 with a unipolar motor on the L297 application notes pdf (not the datasheet).....


its page 15, fig 22.

It involves a darlington array, 4 protection diodes and 4 AND gates.

I'm planning to try it once I get the L297/L298 working together nicely.

Allegro have some new ICs out for controlling unipolar steppers that do the job of the L297 and the darlington array in one chip. I contacted my local sales rep and got some free samples. I haven't tried them yet though. (i'm old fashioned, so I like to learn how to do things the hard way before I use the shortcuts!)



Regarding heatsinking the L298....  If you plan to step your motor slowly, for instance just a few steps per second, will the IC still need sinking?? How hot does that guy get anyway??
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