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Would you be willing to pay for a system, that teaches you Arduino and a large selection of sensors and actuator shields online?

  • We would teach you a full curriculum how to use the Arduino and interface the sensors.

  • You can program and debug your sketch online in your browser.

  • You don't need an Arduino or the sensors for it. We would show you exactly what's happening to your sensor/actuator/led and the Arduino in the browser.

The idea two fold. First, you'd learn the concepts. Second, you can evaluate the shields & new sensors before you actually go out and buy them for your project.

It's not yet another online IDE. It's a system that comes with all features to get you started without having to buy any hardware first.

Some background. We've developed a online platform to teach grad students real-time operating systems and microcontrollers online at a Canadian university. I am wondering if there is any viability for an Arduino-based system like that outside the university.


Would you be willing to pay for a system, that teaches you Arduino and a large selection of sensors and actuator shields online?

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Anything's possible. I want real hardware tho.
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We could make real hardware happen in a life-video feed if that is desired.

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This would have to offer real advantages over the good books available, and the many free tutorials online.

It would be viable for some audiences (probably University departments that have not developed their own programs) IF it was cost effective.  I have supplied a couple of thousand  kits for about $50 like  THIS:

and that has a free online tutorial like  THIS:

But that's not a University course, and I know from the schools I've worked with that they have put a lot of time and effort into their curriculum.  

Maybe you should combine your online system with some good hardware and sensors and actuators so the student progresses into real hands-on electronics and microcomputer coding.

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