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Hi- Need a reality check here-

I'm using the Arduino NG with the MAX7219 chip and all is well - except that for my program to run after powering up the Arduino board I need to press the reset button. Is this expected/normal behavior?

I'm used to using the Wiring board where when powering up the board the program just starts.

I plan on using the Arduino in a gallery show that other people will be running and it is not optimal to have them digging into the electronics enclosure to find the rest button, etc.

So - is this reset button thing normal or could something I am doing in my circuit (or code) be creating this behavior? Before I go digging I thought I would ask.

tx! (+ sry if this has been asked a million times)



posted too soon...

added some code to flash the LED on the board and the program is running (doh!) so clearly there is something with my MAX7219 code that is off.



Please let us know what it is and have a look at the code.

There is a design defect with the NG running stand alone. Pin 13 will blink then it looks as if it locks up.

You need a 10k resistor to the RX pin (D0) and ground or the noise makes it listen for the USB constantly. It will work find if the USB is hooked up.

I have a proto board and stuck one in D0, and ran it to ground. I'll eventually get one permanently installed.


huh - wasn't aware of this. Is there a tech note somewhere on this?

My issue was my issue... :: code was sloppy


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