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With this post, I reached the coveted "God Member" status!  Woo hoo! :) I have some mixed feelings, though: why do I have to trade my 4 gold stars for 5 silver ones?  :D

After several months of talking up Arduino to my team at work, I finally got one of them -- my boss, no less -- hooked.  He bought a bunch of *duino loot from several of the big suppliers, and now we spend quite a bit of time in our one-on-one meetings talking about all the projects we're going to build someday.

I realized suddenly that if he starts reading these forums, he'll see how much of my work time I spend posting.  I'm busted!  Fred, are you reading this?  If I seem to have disappeared from the forum, it's probably just that I have had to create a new, more opaque, user identity. :)

See you around!



Looks like 3 to 6 posts per day, 2 or 3 posts during work hours, and usually small posts. The big posts with quotes, you are doing later in the evening.

No one can focus continuously on a single task, if you take a break every couple hours and spend a few minutes catching up on something you like which could feed back into your job, I don't see a huge problem.

I'm reminded of the Google (and other companies) 20 percent working time for personal projects rule.
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Fred, think of all the potential customers created by the goodwill from Mikal's contributions.  ;)

And to everyone else here, please buy goods and services from Mikal's company so he doesn't get busted   :D

Mikal, what is it you do when you are not helping all the good people here?


@mem, I'm not sure company policy permits me to divulge the name in a public forum, but let's just say I'm a software engineer working for a chip manufacturer.  A large one.  The LARGEST one, in fact. :) Fred and I work in the networking division.

@macegr, I appreciate your assessment.  It's a real pleasure to be in this forum with all "the good people".  Sometimes I think I spend a little too much time here -- time I could be developing Arduino projects, or working!

@Fred, please post a reply if/when you start using the forum, so that I can better assess what to do next. :)

Cheers and thanks,


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