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I'm pretty sure it will always be "1.0 beta" :)



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While I love the whole idea of what Arduino 1.0 means I can also see what people are getting at when they say that Arduino should stay in alpha forever.

The whole x.x numbering style does seem a little old and part of what makes Arduino so different and appealing is that it doesnt feel like "yet another open source project". Users will probably fear that 1.0 will spell the end of Arduino as we know it and relegate it to become one of thousands of development projects out there.

That said there still needs to be a way to stabilise Arduino at some milestone and say "Ok this is the foundation that is Arduino and its stable foundation". A reference spec for the Arduino.

That will go a long way towards instilling confidence in Arduino as more than just some open source toy and it will help provide a reference platform for which content and tutorial developers can say this is "Arduino 1.0 compatible" and not have to worry about the continuous state of flux.

Having a stable reference in terms of API and what is included and what feature set is available is just too important.

So I think Arduino should stabilise at 1.0 but it must never go on to become another numbered open source project, I hope they keep using unique naming conventions for the IDE releases like 00xx and keep using unique names for the boards instead of version numbers.

Perhaps instead of going "Uno Punto Zero" they could just go Arduino Uno ( if my limited understanding of Italian is correct  ;D ). Seeing the words Uno Punto Zero is defnitelly better than seeing 1.0 so that is perhaps an angle worth looking. But then again this is just my 2c.

Looking forward to what comes out of all this though.

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