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What are folks using as a source of 12V power at several amps?  The only premade solution I can think of is a computer power supply, but I hope I can get quite a bit smaller than that.  Maybe I'll have to build my own but off-the-shelf is easier until I get the rest of the design worked out.  I intend to drive an array of 12V 0.6A solenoids.


They are 13.8V, but hams use nominal 12V supplies up to 35A and higher. It would probably be cheaper to use a computer power supply if you have one.

If you know that not all of the solenoids will need to fire at the same time, you may be able to get away with a smaller power supply.



I am just getting started with solenoids, so I don't know for sure if these samples I got will draw their full rated current the whole time they're open, or just when they're commanded to open.  If it's the latter, I can probably stagger their triggers by a tiny time step.  If it's the former, I'll have to think carefully how to build this project without blowing house fuses.


If you can go w/ 5A, here's an inexpensive one:

And here's a 6A for just a couple bucks more on eBay:



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