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Hey guys I just got my Arduino Decimilia from Sparkfun. I plugged it in and uploaded the blinking LED sketch to it and everything was fine. Then, when I tried to upload another example sketch, the power light faded out and Windows reported that a USB device had malfunctioned. Now when I plug it into any usb port on either of my computers, the power light comes on, the RX and TX lights blink together, and then all the lights just fade out.

Also when I power the board from an external source, the power light just blinks and then goes out. Is it really dead 5 minutes after I got it?


It's not sitting on anything conductive (like an anti-static bag or foam) is it?  If not, then it sound pretty dead, but Sparkfun should replace it for you.


No, its not on anything conductive. Just a wooden desk. This is sad as I was excited about a project I had in mind for it.


A likely candidate for failure is the PTC fuse blowing, this can either be caused by a faulty fuse or a short somewhere.
If you have the means, check how much current the board is drawing. If it's a moderate amount, say under 100mA, the fuse is likely bad.

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