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I've been messing around with Arduino boards for a while now, but I'm outgrowing them, so I've started making my own development board with an Atmega32. I've got an FT232RL mounted on a DIP adapter, but I'm having trouble figuring out what R2 and R3 are on the Diecimila schematic (connected to the RTS and DTR). 100_NM isn't a resistance notation I've seen before :P


The NM probably means Not Mounted... Junt under the link of the schematic there's an tip about R2 and R3...

"Note that R2 is not mounted and that R3 has been replaced by a 100 nano-farad capacitor."


Thank you, I didn't think to check that page! Good job I've got 100x 100Nf capacitors turning up soon then.

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