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Hi Everyone:

I have now released version 1.0 of my UnoArduSim simulator for WIndows.
This simulator allows you to test and debug many Uno programs without needing any of the the actual hardware. You can connect virtual I/O devices to a virtual Uno on a virtual lab bench, load and modify your program, and run, run-to, halt, step into, step-over, and step-out-of while viewing all local and global variables/arrays/objects. Full details and download at  www.sites.google.com/site/unoardusim/
Stan Simmons


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Ooooo... downloading as we speak.


edit.... well blink works  :). That's really good stuff.
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How does it handle complex external hardware? That's where all the fun happens.
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A good point -- UnoArduSim sure can't simulate any oddball faults/bugs inside your specific external hardware I/O device, but by attaching the corresponding UnoArduSim "fault-free" IO device you can tell you if your code is the problem. The  limited set of these virtual IO devices and supported libraries (which could be expanded in a following release) will hopefully be sufficient for most users, and if your particular device is not supported yet, you can try temporarily commenting-out/replacing the section of code that accesses it so that you can still test the other parts of your program.
Stan Simmons


Excellent job!
Thanks so much for sharing it.

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